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At TRIOS Renewables, we specialise in O&M (Operations & Maintenance) modelling for offshore renewables. Our in-house TRIOS operational performance model is at the core of our services. Capable, validated and adaptable from ground up for individual projects, the TRIOS model caters for a range of project requirements from developers and operators all the way to major OEMs.

R&D Projects

Offshore renewables bring together a wide range of expertise from mechanical engineering or HR excellence, all the way to forecasting and space technology. We rely on our broad offshore wind experience to facilitate this synergy and help our partners across the O&M value chain to create effective solutions.


How many rotors should a wind turbine really have? What are the benefits of component redundancy? These are just some of the questions we have explored on our journey towards the future of offshore wind.

About Us

TRIOS – Total Renewables Insights OffShore

TRIOS Renewables is an offshore renewables modelling R&D and consultancy team based in Glasgow, Scotland. We are dedicated to helping all renewable energy stakeholders make more informed, transparent, effective decisions. We are a small team but our joint background spans the entire offshore wind sector – from site development to operations and life-of-field to data analysis and digitalisation. The cutting edge of our sector is always close at hand owing to our extensive network of contacts across industry and academia. We are agile, adaptable and solution-oriented – every project is unique and so is our approach.

One of the core capabilities of TRIOS is our in-house O&M model – developed and validated in open source; adapted and matured over the years by ourselves, project by project. Our modelling portfolio includes over 12 GW of early development case studies for Scotwind and other bidding rounds in the UK and beyond, as well as O&M logistics planning, novel technological concept validation, floating vs. fixed-bottom site performance comparison, and metocean analysis among others. Through this wide variety of technical details and KPIs modelled, we have accumulated the tools and know-how to adapt our solutions to practically any site, technology or business case in the offshore renewables sector.

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Interested in our portfolio? Questions about our model or services? Wish to discuss your next R&D project? We are happy to help!